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February 27, 2017

Thoughts on Lent

Well it looks like we are entering the season of Lent which begins this year on Wednesday, March 1. During the 40 days (excluding Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter we especially focus on Jesus’ life, suffering and death on our behalf..

To be honest it has taken me by surprise this year.  Things have been very busy around my house lately and I just lost track of the calendar.  But isn’t that the way life is sometimes?  We have seasons of rest and seasons of work.  There are times where we are just go, go, go, and then we get to relax….or if your like me you collapse in a heap in the easy chair for a power nap.

For me this is what Lent is all about.  It is time to take a much needed break from the norm and drop a few things  to clear out some time to spend with the Lord.

It is kind of like cleaning out the closet after winter.  You have to clear out all the heavy bulky clothes that take up so much space and bring out the light spring wardrobe.

During Lent we typically give up something.  Some of us give up candy or some type of food that really isn’t good for us anyway.  Some give up TV or the internet.  Maybe its that bad habit you want to kick to the curb.  But whatever God leads you to give up, prayerfully consider what to replace it with.  Maybe you could devote this time to prayer or a bible study, or serving the homeless, or visiting people in need.  Most of us barely have time to spend with God as it is.  So now is the time to focus on Jesus a little more as we prepare for Easter in the next few weeks.

Remember that Jesus loved us so much that He gave up His Heavenly throne to come spend time with us….Now its our turn to give up what is enthroned in our lives to spend time with Him.

Pastor Bill


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