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Prayer Requests

Prayer requests may be emailed to our worship leader, Kelly Deiss: Please let her know of any new prayer requests or to have one of these listed changed or removed.

Recent requests: As of 8/9/2020

Glennis Cole has a neurological appointment this week due to double vision, trouble reading or watching TV, and worsening balance causing difficulty walking. She had an injection last week for neuropathy in her legs and back pain.

Donna Wilcoxson has pneumonia and her lungs are unable to recover. She is being sent home with oxygen and hospice care. Please pray for miraculous healing and for Wayne as he cares for her.

Randy Martin was recently treated for a heart arrhythmia. Please pray that it stays under control.

Tom Neve is undergoing several weeks of radiation for skin cancer on his head.

Don Sanders–has a small spot of lung cancer. Doctors are planning surgery.

Jim Rolfsen has another artery blockage. Doctors have placed him on another medication hoping to avoid stent surgery.

Nancy Martin has been put on a heart monitor.

Linda Cole has cancer with no available treatment.

Walt, a former student of Bonnie Flores, has cancer and only prayer can help at this point. Please pray for peace and a miracle.

Operation Christmas Child– Project leaders are putting together an online workshop to train, encourage, and pray for each other as well as the shoebox ministry.

Glennis Cole’s sister–has apparent heart issues, although undiagnosed as of yet.

Kristen Plante is the pregnant mother of #5 and a new family in our church. Please pray for her health and a safe delivery of her baby girl in a few weeks.

Charles Jones, Dot Bucklew’s nephew and Bonnie Flores’ cousin has cancer that has returned.

Sarah, from the Rescue Mission, had a relapse and fell away from God and sobriety about a year ago. She is back in the rehab program and is pregnant, due in October. Please pray for sobriety and stability.

Allison, from the rescue mission is newly diagnosed with colon cancer is is very much afraid.