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Family Time

First monthly meeting of Harley owners group (HOG) chapter–Ride to Church
Celebrating six years with Bill Deiss as pastor
July 17, 2021–dish to pass and game night
June 27, 2021–spontaneous luncheon post Sunday service
Kristin Smith Lynch is with Randy Lynch.

Friday update, (Nov.6, 2020) – progress!! Keep praying for heart to get into rhythm and for his strength to continue to build. All of Randy’s doctors are marveling at his progress – the miracles that God has done. Thank y’all for continued prayer and encouragement,
Parker Chapel people planned and organized a birthday parade for two deserving children.

August 15, 2020

Have you ever attended a birthday “parade”, or as I affectionately call it, a “drive-by birthday party?” I attended one today, (or drove by and waved, dropping off birthday balloons as we slowly drove by. ) for the first time today. It was surprisingly satisfying. The whole family was outside, waving and answering as we called out birthday greetings.

Let the games begin

Rook Tournament

And the winners are: Bill Thornton & Bill Deiss
Feb. 23, 2020 – After Service food and fellowship