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Ladies Bible study is meeting on Friday mornings–virtually.

Here’s how: Download Zoom for your smart phone or computer and get ready to join us for women’s Bible study Friday at 10:00am. We will connect, see each other’s faces, talk to each other, pray for each other, and study God’s word together.  The meeting ID is 324-031-5806. The password is: PCUMC

There are several steps to set up your account so I would encourage you to go ahead and click on the link above and follow instructions so on Friday you will be familiar with the process, ready to go and waiting when Kelly signs in to start the meeting.  It may sound overwhelming but I promise it is not.  Just take your time and call me (Eileen Chavez 256-724-1414) or Kelly, 256-541-1505, if you have any questions.

The first thing you will do is click on the link above then follow instructions.  You will want to Join a Meeting and follow instructions from there…